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Merchandiser and Log Sorting Yard

Panneau de bois
  • Finnos technology for the X-Ray.

  • ProLogScanner® optimizer from Prologic+.

    • Log optimization with breakdown patterns considering log qualities coming from internal and external defects.

  • Log sorting considering internal and external defects.

  • Rot and metal detection.

  • Log sorting according to MSR grades.

  • Scanning overbark and bark volume.

  • Species detection (SPF).

  • Simulator and web reports.

  • And more...

This linear scanner reads the geometric profile of logs and sends the data to an optimizer software. This one will then calculates through advanced algorithms, the optimal sawing patterns to fit within the geometric shape of the log or stem in order to give the appropriate log destination or the best bucking solution.  

This scanner can be equipped with 3 to 4 sensors. Each of them can be equipped with 2 cameras for a total of up to 8 cameras per system, giving it a tremendous True Shape reading capabilities.

  •  3-D or TrueShape capabilities

  • Optimized or Look-Up Tables

  • With IDBA+ option (Intelligent Dynamic Bin Assignment)

  • All log/stem characteristics are considered

  • Offline and online simulations with web reports

    • MySQL database

  • Log/Stem volume calculations

    • Real or custom.​

ProBucking Interface Software
Logiciel ProLogScanneur
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