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Primary Breakdown

Panneau de bois

ProLogScanneur® | Linear Scanner for log orientation and primary breakdown

Linear scanner for primary breakdown machines intended to give the log orientation and the sawing patterns solution. This system can be equipped with 3 to 4 sensors. Each of them can be equipped with 2 cameras for a total of up to 8 cameras per system, giving it a tremendous True Shape reading capabilities.

The log geometric profile generated by the ProLogScanner is sent to an optimizer software that calculates through advanced algorithms, the optimal log orientation and sawing patterns while respecting the machines mechanical constraints in addition with the production parameters. 

  • 3-D or True Shape profiles

  • X-Ray module available (by Finnos)

  • Optimization with breakdown patterns

    • Many alignment modes for the breakdown pattern

    • Curve sawing and "S" Sawing

  • Optional

    • Log Orientation with ​ORO+ (Optimized Log Orientation)​

    • Log Orientation with RCS+ (Rotation Correction System)

  • Online and offline simulations with web reports

2021-12-07 10_41_32-Logs Diagnostic_edit
2021-12-07 10_49_51-Logs Diagnostic_edit
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