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Privacy Policy

PROLOGIC+ invites you to read its confidentiality policy to find out the rules it applies regarding the protection of personal information.

Privacy Policy

By using the website (hereinafter the «Site») and by providing your personal information to Prologic+ Inc., you consent to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of your personal information by Prologic+ Inc. in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.


PROLOGIC+ INC. does not sell, trade or transmit your personal information to third parties.


1. Definitions


1.1. The term «personal information» includes but is not limited to your first and last name, address, email address, telephone number, or any other confidential information about you.

1.2. The term «breach of confidentiality « means the unauthorized access, use or disclosure of personal information and the loss of personal information or any other breach of the protection of such information.

2. Website usage
Use of cookies

This website does not place any permanent cookies on the hard drives of visitors’ computers, but only temporary cookies required to improve the performance of certain website functions.

Information exchanged automatically

When you access the Prologic+ Inc. site, your computer and the site’s server automatically exchange information. This communication is necessary for the server to transmit a file compatible with the computer equipment you are using. 

The information exchanged is as follows:

  • The domain name of your Internet service provider

  • Your IP address - the unique number assigned to your computer when it is connected to the Internet

  • The type of browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and operating system (Windows, Mac OS, etc.) used

  • The date and time of your visit

  • The pages you visit

  • The address of the referring site, if you access the Prologic+ Inc. from another site

This information is stored and used by Prologic+ Inc. for technical and statistical purposes. It is used to count the number of visits, the most frequently visited pages, the technology used by visitors, the referring sites and the country of origin of visitors.

Cookies enable us to collect information about your browsing habits and use it for statistical purposes and to improve navigation.

Cookies do not allow access to data on your device (computer, tablet, phone or other) and do not allow the collection of personal information.


We also use Google Analytics to analyze browsing behavior. It is an analysis tool provided by Google Inc. In particular, Google Analytics collects the following information:

  • Number of visitors to the site

  • Type of browser and operating system used (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

  • Date, time and duration of visits

  • Pages viewed

Information transmitted by email or form

Prologic+ Inc. is committed to protecting the confidential information you entrust to us. If you voluntarily communicate personal or otherwise confidential information by email or by form, we use only the information required to allow Prologic+ Inc. personnel to respond to your message or follow up on your request. Electronic correspondence is treated with the same confidentiality measures as other written documents.


Links to other sites

The Prologic+ Inc. website includes hyperlinks to other websites. Information exchanged on these sites is not subject to the present privacy policy, but to that of the external site, if one exists.


For more information about this Policy

If you have any questions about this Policy, we invite you to contact us using any of the methods of communication set out in the «CONTACTS» section at the following address:


3. Security and storage of information (security measures)

The security of its users’ information is a priority for Prologic+ Inc. We have therefore adopted and implemented physical and technological mechanisms and measures to protect your personal information and safeguard its confidentiality. The information you provide is safeguarded and stored in locations to which access is controlled by Prologic+ Inc. Only those individuals within the organization who need to know this information for authorized use are permitted to access it.

Despite the measures that Prologic+ Inc. has put in place, which are described above, it is impossible to guarantee that data transmitted over the Internet is secure. Prologic+ Inc. does not guarantee or represent that the personal information you provide is secure or that it is fully protected against interception, loss, misuse or alteration. Prologic+ Inc. assumes no obligation or liability for any damages that may result from the unsecured transmission, interception, loss, misuse or alteration of personal information you transmit by email.


4. Non-assignment

Subject to legal obligations, Prologic+ Inc. will not sell the right to use its users’ personal information to a third party. Prologic+ Inc. does not distribute any confidential information without the user’s consent.


5. Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring that this policy is respected and complies with applicable regulations, for managing privacy incidents, and for handling all requests for access, complaint and rectification of personal information.

Prologic+ Inc. appoints Ms. Sylvie Gagnon as Privacy Officer.


Contact details
Email address:
Telephone: 418-227-4303 ext. 1313


6. Consent

By providing Prologic+ Inc. with your personal information, you have consented to its use for a specific purpose. Prologic+ Inc. will not use your personal information for purposes other than those for which you originally provided it (unless you have provided us with written consent to the contrary) and will ask for your new consent when required.


7. Withdrawal of consent

At any time, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the communication or use of information provided to Prologic+ Inc. Your withdrawal of consent must be made in writing to the Privacy Officer.

8. Use and destruction of information
Once the purpose for which the personal information was collected or used has been fulfilled, Prologic+ Inc. undertakes to destroy or anonymize it in order to use it for serious and legitimate purposes, unless you consent to the contrary.

Please note however, that Prologic+ Inc. may use personal information for another purpose without your consent only in the cases provided for by law.

9. Right of access and communication of collected information

You may request access to your personal information held by Prologic+ Inc. at any time. To be considered, your request for access must be made in writing and addressed to the Privacy Officer.

Prologic+ Inc. is committed to ensuring that the Privacy Officer responds to your request for access in writing, promptly and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.


10. Correction of Information Collected

Prologic+ Inc. agrees to correct personal information upon request if it is inaccurate, incomplete or ambiguous, or if its collection, communication or retention is not authorized by law.

Your request for correction must be made in writing by a person providing proof of identity and addressed to the Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer can assist you as needed.

11. Appeal

To ensure transparency, Prologic+ Inc. would like to inform you that you may submit a request to Quebec’s Access to Information Commission (Commission d’accès à l’information) for review of a disagreement regarding the application of a legislative provision concerning access to or correction of personal information.


12. Breach of confidentiality

Prologic+ Inc. has implemented a breach of confidentiality management protocol that identifies the persons who assist the Privacy Officer and sets out the concrete actions to be taken in the event of a breach. This protocol specifies the responsibilities expected at each stage of incident management, including the measures to be taken to ensure data security.

Prologic+ Inc. is committed to taking reasonable measures to reduce the risk of harm being caused and to prevent new incidents of the same nature from occurring if it has reason to believe that a breach of confidentiality involving personal information has occurred.

If the breach causes serious harm, Prologic+ Inc. is committed to notifying Quebec’s Access to Information Commission (Commission d’accès à l’information) and any person whose personal information is affected by the breach.

Breaches of confidentiality are recorded in a register as required by law.


13. Changes to this Privacy Policy

Prologic+ Inc. reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting a new Privacy Policy on the Site, without any notice or obligation to you or any other person. Prologic+ Inc.’s collection, use and disclosure of your information will be subject to the version of the Privacy Policy posted and in effect at that time.

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