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Here are our products by application for the lumber industry.

All of them meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Panneau de bois

- Log/Stem Merchandiser Scanners

- Log Sorting Scanner

- Log Scaling Scanner

Log Sorting Yard

- Canter-Bull Scanner

-  Canter-Bull with edging tools or profilers Scanner

- Quality Control Scanners

Prologic+ CantScanner
Panneau de bois

Primary Breakdown

 - Log Turner Scanner

 - Log Rotation Verification/Correction Scanner

Canter-Twin or Canter-Quad Scanners

- Scanner for single pass machine with edging tools or profilers


- Softwood Edger Scanner

- Hardwood Edger Scanner

- Flooring Edger Scanner

- Transverse Trimmer Scanner

- Board Sorter/Tally Software (SPF & Hardwood)

Tranverse Trimmer Scanner
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