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Prologic+ sells its automation division for HewSaw machines to its business partner EBI Electric.

Saint-Georges (Quebec), December 20, 2017. – Prologic+ announces the sale of its automation division to EBI Electric. The transaction only includes activity related to the Finnish sawing machinery brand HewSaw.

Since 1993, Prologic+ has been committed to providing the best service possible to its clients. Which is the reason Prologic+ has decided to combine forces with its main supplier, EBI Electric.

Specialised for over 30 years in the automation of industrial processes, EBI Electric has great experience in the wood industry, therefore making it the designated partner to take over management of the HewSaw machines.

Profiting from highly specialized technical expertise, the team at EBI Electric is well structured to provide support to sawmills, as well as offering adapted service for their needs.

Prologic+ continues owns, operate and maintain the development of its products and services by focusing on scanners and optimisation pertaining to the wood processing industry.

Following the transfer of activities, EBI Electric will be able to support the targeted clients as soon as March 15, 2018. Prologic+ assures all its clients they will continue to receive impeccable service throughout the transition process.

About Prologic+

Founded by Mr. Stéphane Morin, the Prologic+ group has devoted its first years researching and developing specialized products for the field of wood processing. Focusing on high-tech products of impeccable quality while maintaining an impeccable service philosophy, the Prologic + group was quickly recognized and respected in its field of activity. Today, the company has more than fifteen (15) employees with a turnover of more than $ 5 million.

About EBI Electric

Founded in 1946, EBI Electric offers industrial products and services for the first and second wood processing industry, as well as the manufacturing and processing industries. The EBI team is 115 employees comprising industrial programmers, engineers (electrical, wood, civil, and mechanical), project managers, instrumentation, control and electrodynamic technicians and electricians specialized in the industry. EBI offers the following services: control panels design and fabrication, electrical installation, electrical components distribution, electrical and electronical equipment’s repair (motors, servos, variable speed drives), 24/7 emergency technical assistance, automation of industrial processes, wood kiln engine design and fabrication, and much more. For more information on EBI Electrical, go to their website


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