L'entreprise Prologic+

Founded in 1993 by Mr. Stéphane Morin, Prologic+ Inc. exclusively dedicated its first years to research and development of specialized products for the lumber industry. Focusing their efforts on products of advanced technology and impeccable quality while keeping a philosophy of flawless service, Prologic+ quickly became recognized and respected in the industry. The company now has over fifteen (15) employees with annual sales of over CAN$ 4.5 million.

Knowing that every lumber factory is unique and that it is very important to listen to our customer's needs, our objective is to offer products and services tailored to each of them. In fact, one of our strengths is our ability of finding solutions to the challenges our customers have.

Our mission: 

"By working as a team with you, we will assist you in attaining maximum quality, output and efficiency in all your wood transformation factories"

Thanks to a team of highly qualified and dedicated engineers and technicians and the boldness of its leader Mr. Stephane Morin, the company has earned an enviable reputation in the industry. Years dedicated to research and development, the quality of our products and the seriousness of our company has given us the ability to provide a fast response to customers who require a high level of service. Our satisfied customers became our best salesmen and the success of our company began.

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