ProLogScanner® (3D or TrueShape)

Here is our line of products, all meeting the highest standards for quality and production in the lumber industry


  • ProX-Ray® | X-Ray Log Scanner  NEW!
       - Log breakdown patterns optimization considering their internal and external characteristics
       - Log quality sorting according to their internal and external characteristics
       - Log sorting according to their species (SPF)
  • ProLogSorter® | Linear Log Sorter Scanner
       - 3-D or TrueShape
       - Optimized or Look-Up Table
       - With DBA+ option (Dynamic Bin Assignment)
  • ProLogScanner® | Linear Log Turner Scanner
       - 3-D or TrueShape
       - Optimized or Not
       - With LRA+ option (Log Rotation Angle)
       - With RCS+ option (Rotation Correction System)
  • ProEdger® & ProCantScanner® | Optimized Linear Scanner (For edger or bull)
  • ProSort® | Board Tally & Bin Sorter Software (SPF & hardwood)
  • Online & Offline QC Scanners


  • Yield studies and recovery calculations
  • Consulting & Engineering

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